30th September 2010

As you can see yesterdays rain resulted in an overnight lift of water , however the level is subsiding as the picture shows , and the colour is fishable .

Grayling 29th September

Less than 48 hrs till the end of the Trout season , so I thought I`d wet your appetite and encourage you not to hang up your rod just yet , and try to get your hands on one of these ladies !
A few searching casts (several ) with a size 12 Klinkhamer Special (rusty olive ) tied on a Partridge 15BNX hook resulted in this gleaming jewel .
Not numerous which makes their capture even more rewarding and well worth the effort to find her .
I would ask that you treat her with care especially when releasing her , keeping hold till she swims away and always wetting your hands prior to handling .
In this way we can preserve this Lady of the stream .

29th September 2010

Level remains steady , however tomorrow looks uncertain as heavy rain is forecast for the region later , currently dark and overcast .

28th September 2010

Little change on yesterday , level remains good . Damp and cloudy day in prospect , however feeling very mild and light winds at present .

27th September 2010

Cloudy dull and damp day ahead , feeling very much warmer though ! river level is normal .

25th September 2010

Very chilly start however the sun is rising and a good day in prospect , the strong northerly wind has subsided markedly . Levels are good and still falling .

24th September 2010

The heavy rain never arrived yesterday and levels have dropped significantly on yesterdays spate , however strong north easterly winds are currently hitting us at present , the sycamore above fell victim early this morning close to the priory !
I will keep a close eye on the level as I am surprised we missed the heavy rain that seemed to effect other places last night .

23rd September 2010

The results of last night`s rain can clearly be seen in the pictures above ! First picture shows the river at 0800 the second at 0830 !! and still rising with colour starting to deteriorate and with heavy rain forecast today its looking bleak for tomorrow too , however I will keep you posted .

22nd September 2010

River is in very good order this morning and prospects are very good .

21st September 2010

24 hrs later and level has dropped and importantly the colour is good , a misty morning with a sunny day in prospect .

20th September 2010

Incessant rain over the weekend has trashed the river , currently running coloured however it looks to be falling slowly , although looking around at heavy clouds this situation could easily be reversed !!
Will update later on today of any change .

16th September 2010

Today the river is much improved and falling still , visibility is good and relatively calm after the strong winds which have plagued the last couple of days along with heavy showers .

15th September 2010

Surprisingly the level is dropping slowly , albeit with a risk this could change !! Colour is good and I would be keen to fish it in the light of that , targeting off current pockets close in .
Very windy at present and forecast is for it to strengthen , it could be worse

14th September 2010

Heavy rain which arrived yesterday and is still falling as I update , has had an effect as you can see expect levels to rise further as rain falls on sodden ground !!!

13th September 2010

The start of a new week and levels are good at present , rain is forecast for later , I will endeavor to keep you updated of any change .

08th September 2010

River currently falling after a lift of water yesterday , very fishable !!!

07th September 2010

Monday`s overnight rain has resulted in a rise of a few inches as at 0800 this morning , however it has discoloured the river spoiling the clarity , medium risk of levels rising still further .