25th September 2015

Friday morning and the river has lifted a few inches otherwise all is good .

23rd September 2015

Another great start to another day .

13th September 2015

Sunday morning and the river is falling following yesterdays rain , the colour is still poor .

12th September 2015

A gloomy wet start with blustery winds ! 

10th September 2015

The river remains settled and continues to fish well and produce stunning fish like the one below caught at the weekend by Stuart Minnikin and his client and weighed in at 2.5 lbs .

03rd September 2015

The river is up a little following a small lift last night , conditions are good though .

02nd September 2015

Good number of fish rising this morning and with the aid of binoculars I was able to see small needle flies ( Stoneflies ) hatching in good numbers ,