22nd September 2014

 A cold start this morning but set to warm up once the sun comes out  . An all too familiar picture of the river which remains settled .

21st September 2014

A bright start this morning , and the river remains settled .

18th September 2014




16th September 2014

A grey start this morning and the level remains unchanged .

15th September 2014

A wet start to the week however it is forecast to brighten later on .

12th September 2014

Friday morning following what has been a warm dry week as the level shows .

10th September 2014

A different view this morning however conditions remain good and settled .

09th September 2014

The level remains settled and is set to stay so as high pressure dominates this week .

07th September 2014

The river is up a few inches following yesterdays rain and the colour remains good , the mist is clearing to expose blue skies .

06th September 2014

The river remains settled .

05th September 2014

The start of what promises to be another good day ,  conditions remain settled .

04th September 2014

Conditions remain excellent .

02nd September 2014

The picture remains unchanged and a bright start due to high pressure that is forecast to last into the weekend .

01st September 2014

The river is normal following a spate on Saturday , damp start this morning however the forecast looks good this week ,