30th April 2015

Despite signs the river was falling , having left the office at 1030 hrs it was noticeable that it was rising again . Hopefully it won`t get worse .

30th April 2015

The river has lifted overnight and is falling ,  the colour is good . Water temperature 8 c Air Temperature 10 c,

This fly was removed from from a trout caught by Mark Whitmarsh . Please do not use barbed hooks ,It angers me greatly , there are no excuses don`t get caught !

28th April 2015

A cold breezy start this morning including a sleet shower ! Water temperature 7.9 c , Air temperature 5.5 c .as at 0815 hrs .

27th April 2015

Another bright clear sunny and frosty start to the day .

26th April 2015

A cold bright start this morning ,  the river remains unchanged .

25th April 2015

Grey start with a risk of rain and turning cooler .

24th April 2015

 Another fine start to the day river remains unchanged .

A large adult  Plecoptera ( Stonefly ) !! taken the other day by Mark Whitmarsh , 

23rd April 2015

Fine weather continues and another warm day ahead .

21st April 2015

High pressure remains in charge and the fishing remains hard for most and rewarding for others as the pictures below illustrate two out of twelve fish that fell to Kris M , who kept his head down and got his rewards .

18th April 2015

The dry weather continues and the river remains unchanged , 

17th April 2015

The river remains unchanged and the weather is set to warm up and stay dry .

16th April 2015

A calm settled morning and feeling a lot warmer without the breeze thats plagued us for the last few days .

Pictures of two individually stunning overwintered Browns caught by Kris M on Tuesday after switching to upstream nymph .

15th April 2015

A grey start with light drizzle ,  a  cold start but set to brighten later .

14th April 2015

The level dropped slowly yesterday and is currently good , grey breezy start but set to brighten later .

13th April 2015

The level is falling following a lift last night ,  the colour is good enough to fish .

12th April 2015

A cold grey start otherwise the level remains good and clear .

09th April 2015

Another bright sunny start to the day level remains good and very clear .

08th April 2015

A bright sunny cold start to the day ,  the river remains low and clear still . The trout are proving challenging as is the case so early in the season and patience is being tested , skill and experience is important and more so these first few weeks .

07th April 2015

A misty cold start to what is set to be is set to be another warm day again once it clears later this morning .

06th April 2015

A dry weekend has allowed the river to settle down at last  , currently all is good . I spotted seven good Grayling this morning dancing in front of the bridge as part of their spawning ritual , a welcome sight following a nervous wait .

04th April 2015

The height and colour remains very much the same as yesterday , hopefully with the weather forecast set to improve things will hopefully start to settle down .

03rd April 2015

A wet start to the Easter weekend , otherwise the level has dropped nicely and the colour is good .

02nd April 2015

The river remains high and the colour is poor .

01st April 2015

The strong winds are absent this morning , however wintry showers of rain , hail and snow !! continue this morning and rain is forecast to gather and move in from the west later .