Heat Wave 22nd May 2012

Tuesday morning and a fine day in prospect with temperatures set to rise . Fish showing in increasing numbers .

17th May 2012

Pictures of the river Thursday morning currently overcast with light drizzle , level is good .

14th May 2012

Monday morning and the river has settled down again . Cloudy start with the risk of showers however the fresh breeze has eased overnight , still on the cool side for May .

11th May 2012

Friday morning and river has dropped considerably overnight ,

Angry River

Thursday 1700 hrs and following a day of heavy rain the following pictures show the result !!!

Not the river but a feeder beck close to the Devonshire Arms .

Wall damage at Lobb wood . 

10th May 2012

Thursday morning and following last nights rainfall the river is up and coloured as you can see , presently still raining hard .

Fiesty brownie coming to hand yesterday afternoon .

Grayling in the hand .

Hard to believe that these images were taken yesterday afternoon , such is the way on a spate river .

9th May 2012

Following a small lift yesterday as a result of Monday nights rain , the river has settled once more .

06th May 2012

River level remains unchanged , the cold north easterly wind  has eased . A bright start with sunny spells .

05th May 2012

A bright sunny start and the river level remains unchanged , stiff north easterly wind continues to keep the temperature down .

04th May 2012

Friday morning and the river remains low and fishable although it is proving uncomfortable for those anglers venturing out due to a sharp North easterly wind .