26th November 2013

Another cold frosty morning , the river has fallen a few inches overnight and is running very clear .
The picture below shows Adam Westcott returning wild trout after being stripped and milked as part of a supportive breeding program on the Wharfe .

25th November 2013

Monday morning and the river is in good shape and currently running very clear .

21st November 2013

The river is settling down following a lift of water yesterday morning .

19th November 2013

Cold frosty start under clear skies ,  sunny dry day ahead .

09th November 2013

Saturday morning river remains steady and the colour is good , picture below shows a fine grayling one of five caught by David Heeley who braved the icy water yesterday .

06th November 2013

The river remains settled and very clear .

05th November 2013

There has been a lot of rain around this morning ,as at 0800 hrs its light rain , the height is good and running very clear .

04th November 2013

Frosty start and a much improved river this morning , colour is good and a dry day in prospect .

03rd November 2013

Big river this morning !!!

01st November 2013

No change this morning despite heavy showers last night .