30th July 2014

A different view however the level remains unchanged .

28th July 2014

Monday morning dry and sunny and the level remains unchanged .

25th July 2014

The river is all most normal again ,  fish rising this morning the first I`ve seen this week .

24th July 2014

Thursday morning and the colour is much improved .

Yesterday we took delivery of 7500 grayling fry and these are in addition to the 4000 we introduced earlier in the year , a very satisfying part of the job . A big thanks to the Environment Agency for supplying and transporting them for us . The fry are all hatched this year and will go along way to increasing the population whose numbers have reduced in recent years . Interestingly you can see the fry are spotted at this age !

23rd July 2014

Wednesday morning and the river is still running coloured , I sense a small improvement on yesterday however its far from ideal still as you can see .

22nd July 2014

The river has fallen back to summer level ,  however as you can see the colour remains muddy !  This is unusual given the current level . Not ideal for the fly by any means .

21st July 2014

The river is falling following a lift during the night ,  as a result of heavy showers yesterday . The colour is very poor as you can see and really not suitable for the fly .

20th July 2014

Despite rain yesterday the river remains unmoved .

11th July 2014

Friday morning  and the river remains at summer level .

07th July 2014

The river is back to normal following not only the Tour de France but also a small refreshing lift in the level  on Saturday following persistent rain overnight on Friday ..

03rd July 2014

Different view however the river remains at summer level .