30th June 2014

The picture remains unchanged and settled .

26th June 2014

Cloudy start with the risk of rain later , river remains at summer level .

24th June 2014

The river remains at summer level .

20th June 2014

High pressure still dominates ,  river remains at summer level .

19th June 2014

Cloudy start and feeling fresher than yesterday , the river remains unchanged .

18th June 2014

Warm cloudy start with very little wind river remains at summer level .

17th June 2014

Bright sunny start however large amount of cloud is moving in ,  river remains at summer level .

11th June 2014

The river remains unchanged following more heavy showers yesterday evening , good height and colour .

10th June 2014

A warm sunny start . The river remains very much as it did this time yesterday ,due to heavy showers that has kept the river from falling , the colour remains good .

09th June 2014

The river is up a little and falling however the colour is good following a lift last night , feeling very warm in the sun .

04th June 2014

Grey wet start and the forecast is wet for the rest of the day which may result in a lift later today . I will update later if this occurs .

03rd June 2014

Light drizzle and a grey start this morning otherwise the river is in good shape .

02nd June 2014

A warm start to the week  and the river remains settled ..

01st June 2014

Bright sunny start to June ,  the river is good and settled .