28th December 2013

Unsurprisingly following the last 24 hrs the river is out of sorts again !! Hopefully given a dry day today things should be improved  improved in the morning .

Christmas Day 2013

Merry Christmas to all my followers and wishing you a Happy Season in 2014 .

20th December 2013

Another lift last night and the river is falling slowly once again ,  colour is ok .

19th December 2013

Clear skies following a stormy night , river peaked in the early hours and is falling slowly .

18th December 2013

Raining lightly and still mild , river has dropped a little more and the colour is good , however the wind is set to strengthen later with heavier rain .

17th December 2013

Clear skies and a bright day in prospect , river has dropped slowly overnight however the colour is good .

16th December 2013

Blue Monday and the river remains unsettled .

09th December 2013

Big river this morning and falling slowly , a dry day is forecast and its feeling very mild !!!

06th December 2013

The river is falling following a lift of water last night still very coloured .

05th December 2013

Wet and very windy !!! morning , a sharp contrast to yesterday . The picture shows a good BA grayling caught by Kris Mukerji who determinedly set himself the challenge of catching one of these elusive ladies and was rewarded with this one which fell to a dry fly pattern tied by Kris .

04th December 2013

Wednesday morning and the settled conditions continue .

02nd December 2013

A mild start to the week , however this is set to change towards the end of the week as cold air is set to blow in from the north .