28th June 2013

A grey wet start to the day , river remains unchanged .

27th June 2013

Thursday morning and the river remains settled .

25th June 2013

A warm sunny Tuesday morning and the river has settled down again following the small lift yesterday .

This picture was sent to me by Malcolm Hunter a local guide of a good Brown caught by his client Simon Snell last week .

24th June 2013

Monday morning and the river is falling following a small lift overnight ,  it is carrying a bit of colour but good enough for the fly .

23rd June 2013

Despite heavy showers yesterday and overnight the river remains low ,  however this could change later , another gloomy day is forecast with more rain .

22nd June 2012

A fresh cool start with a stiff breeze , lots of cloud cover some of it very dark , carrying the heavy showers that are forecast throughout the day .

Picture of Karen Halsall with her first ever fish and the first of five she caught yesterday , under guidance from local guide Jim Curry .

19th June 2013

Tuesday morning and the settled warm weather continues , only came across two anglers yesterday , both of which had fish to the net . Despite the conditions I observed good surface activity especially late afternoon .

13th June 2013

Grey windy start and despite the overnight rain the river remains little changed , showers are forecast today .

12th June 2013

The threat of rain yesterday never materialised and the river remains unchanged , the threat remains though .

11th June 2013

Tuesday morning and a cloudy start ,  and rain is expected to move in from the west later on today , bringing an end to the spell of hot dry weather we have experienced this last week .

10th June 2013

Monday morning and no surprises the river remains low and steady ,  currently overcast though it looks to clear later on .
For those of you struggling under the recent good weather take a look at the pictures sent to me by Kris just two of the thirteen fish he had for the day last week upstream nymphing

06th June 2013

The  settled condition's continue and the thin cloud cover is fast fading as the sun burns through . Low clear water and bright sun has seen fish taking cover and very reluctant to surface feed , those that do are small fish taking advantage whilst the big fish lie low . Nymphs are proving successful , however skill and good technique plus stealth !!! required to achieve good results under these conditions .

01st June 2013

0730 hrs  Saturday morning , and a blue sky day with high pressure set to stay into next week .