31st August 2012

You can see the river has dropped considerably and importantly the colour is good , very cold start due to clear skies overnight , sunny day in prospect .

30th August 2012


Thursday morning and as suspected the river is up again !!! and following heavy rain in the early hours this morning I expect it will continue to rise , I will update later if it changes .
As you can see the updated picture at the top shows the river as at 1200 hrs up at least a foot and coloured and could rise further still !

29th August 2012

24 hrs later and the river has fallen and importantly the colour has improved considerably , however as at 0900 am its currently raining heavily and gusting wind . If this continues as forecast expect Thursdays picture to look different !!

28th August 2012

Tuesday morning and following a wet bank holiday Monday , the river is presently falling slowly after another lift of water last night . The colour is not too bad considering .

27th August 2012

Monday morning and the river is still up slightly and the colour is ok .

25th August 2012

The river has fallen a little more overnight although the colour remains peaty , as you can see a gloomy overcast sky and heavy rain has been forecast today .

24th August 2012

The level is down slightly and the colour has improved .

23rd August 2012

The river has improved and is falling slowly , very peaty but still fishable .

22nd August 2012

Wednesday morning and following heavy showers yesterday afternoon the river has lifted once again overnight , currently falling slowly . Colour is poor .

21st August 2012

Tuesday morning and all is good .

20th August 2012

The river is carrying fresh water following yesterdays heavy showers , colour is fair and fishable .

16th August 2012

Heavy rain last night produced a small spate which peaked around 3am this morning and as the pictures show is currently receding . The colour is still poor but fishable .

14th August 2012

Tuesday morning and the river remains settled and normal for the time of year , warm day ahead with the risk of a possible shower .

10th August 2012

Friday morning and a warm sunny start to the day and the river remains settled not ideal conditions and the catch rate has dropped off , as most fish seek cover . Quiet slow and careful approach with good presentation will produce fish .

9th August 2012

Ground hog day , another warm day in prospect as high weather dominates and seems set to stay into the weekend .

8th August 2012

Bright start to the day with  a warm day in prospect . Level remains good .

07th August 2012

Tuesday morning and all is good .

6th August 2012

Very heavy thunderstorms last night created a lift however the river has fallen quickly , colour is good enough for the fly , and should hopefully improve .

3rd August 2012

A bright warm start to the day , heavy showers yesterday evening failed to move the river and it remains unchanged .

2nd August 2012

Tuesday morning and a bright warm start however there is a risk of showers later . River remains settled and fishing well .

01st August 2012

Few showers yesterday but river remains unaffected and in good order still .