30th April 2014

No change and conditions remain settled . Encouraging number of fish visibly feeding yesterday .

29th April 2014

Misty start level remains unchanged .

28th April 2014

Monday morning and conditions are good ,  look out for Brook duns !

24th April 2014

Another bright start ,  Sandpipers and Hawthorn flies .

23rd April 2014

Bright sunny start , river remains unmoved despite some heavy showers yesterday .

22nd April 2014

A grey start with light rain and the risk of heavy rain later . An unsettled week ahead ,  otherwise the river remains unchanged and clear .

16th April 2014

Another warm sunny day with light southerly winds  , the river is running very clear and under these conditions and with little shade given the time of year , then the fish understandably can feel very exposed and will seek safe feeding spots offering sanctuary if needed ,  however many will play safe unless the availability of food proves to good to miss !
Good upstream movement of Grannom yesterday taking advantage of the warm light upstream wind particularly noticeable at the bottom beat at Beamsley .

15th April 2014

Another bright and sunny cold start but set to warm up later . River is running very clear .

14th April 2014

Bright sunny start and the level remains good . Hopefully a lighter breeze than yesterday which should make it feel warmer .

13th April 2014

Bright sunny start however feeling chilly in the breeze otherwise level and colour very good .

12th April 2014

Grey cool start and currently a light breeze , otherwise the level remains good .

11th April 2014

Good bright and chilly start and the level is good , yesterday produced sporadic hatches of March Browns just after midday which were greeted eagerly by fish at Beamsley . Outside of these emergers then fish are proving elusive for most anglers apart from the odd pluck and tug !! Hotspot noon till 2pm .

10th April 2014

Bright sunny start and the level and colour remains good .

09th April 2014

Another breezy and grey start ,   the level is still falling and currently good .

08th April 2014

Bright breezy start , heavy showers yesterday created a lift early last night and is currently falling .

07th April 2014

Unsettled start to the week with showers possibly heavy later today , currently the level is above normal although the colour is fair . However this could change quickly given the forecast .

05th April 2014

Saturday morning and conditions remain good possible risk of showers later , but feeling mild for this time of the year , good number of March Browns seen yesterday , and also a great sighting of an aerial poacher leaving with a large fish taken from Beamsley an Osprey !!! they pass this way possibly en route to Scotland from Africa , it could possibly stay a day or two in the area .

04th April 2014

Grey start again with light drizzle , feeling warmer and chance of bright spells later . River level and colour good .

03rd April 2014

The river has fallen back overnight , misty grey start with moderate easterly wind risk of showers later ,.

02nd April 2014

The river has fallen steadily since rising rapidly at midday yesterday forcing anglers off the river !
Currently the level is a few inches up on this time yesterday and the colour is good .

01st April 2014 Update !!!

Sorry no picture but as of midday today the river has risen at least a foot and is starting to colour up as a result of last night /early morning rainfall and is still rising !

01st April 2014

River remains settled at present however small risk of a lift due to rain overnight . My son Tom connects with a good fish taken on a March Brown yesterday , having watched the fish initially miss and then follow a natural downstream , the fish took the artificial explosively .
A reminder to all that environmental licenses for last year expired yesterday 31st March !!!!