08th November 2012

The river has lifted slightly overnight however the colour remains good .

06th November 2012

Tuesday morning overcast and settled with light rain forecast this afternoon . The pictures below are of a grayling caught yesterday after a number of near misses using a polywing olive size 18 ,  I changed to a Griffith`s gnat size 18 (bigger hook gape ) and connected with this great fish that only just fitted the net ! Fit and strong this fish fought hard and strong , and well  worth the effort to locate  by purely putting in the  groundwork and patience to spot a rising fish .

05th November 2012

A frosty morning and clear skies today and the river is settled .

02nd November 2012

No change this morning although following clear skies last night it feels noticeably colder .

01st November 2012

The river remains above normal and falling slowly however the  colour is good .

31st October 2012

River slightly up on yesterday however the colour is still good , no sign of rain yet ! but it is breezy .

30th October 2012

A much better picture this morning and the colour is good , outlook for tonight is not good though so this could change .

29th October 2012

The picture shows the result following a wet Sunday yesterday .

26th October 2012

Friday morning and the river remains settled following a dry week and the outlook is good for the weekend , although feeling colder .

25th October 2012

Thursday morning and as you can see no change on yesterday ,  the picture below shows a fine Hen Grayling on its way back after falling foul of a dry fly presented by my friend Jim Curry just one of half a dozen he caught , targeting rising fish .

23rd October 2012

Tuesday morning 08.15 hrs .

22nd October 2012

Monday morning and a settled start to the week following a dry bright weekend .

17th October 2012

Dark wet morning ! Rain is moving slowly north and hopefully brightening up later , I expect the river to rise again currently the level is good ,

16th October 2012

Tuesday morning and the  river is rising slowly .

15th October 2012

Monday morning and all is good and settled following a dry weekend .

13th October 2012

Saturday morning and the river has settled well and the colour is good .

12th October 2012

Friday morning and as suspected the heavy rain last night has raised the level once more and the colour is not good , the rain has drifted north and hopefully with a dry day today we`ll see a better picture for the weekend .

11th October 2012

Thursday morning and with heavy rain forecast to arrive later today , tomorrow's picture could show a change to the settled levels we`ve enjoyed this week .

10th October 2012

Wednesday morning and the river remains settled , the pictures below show electro fishing being carried out on Barden Beck yesterday morning . The netful of trout shows a small sample of the fish caught in a 50 metre section , showing a good range in age groups .

08th October 2012

Monday morning and following another dry day yesterday the river is in good order after what has seemed an age !!! A crisp autumnal edge to the morning and a bright dry day ahead .

07th October 2012

Sunday morning and the river continues to settle , currently the colour is very clear and the level is good , A frosty start with a  cloudless sky .

06th October 2012

Saturday morning and  the river remains above normal and the colour has improved , hopefully a dry day ahead so I expect this picture to improve .

05th October 2012

Friday morning and the river continues to fall slowly however the height is now manageable and importantly the colour is good and is suitable for the fly .

04th October 2012

Thursday morning and the river is up although falling slowly ,  and the colour has improved alot .

03rd October 2012

The picture above says it all ! Big river once again .

However on a more positive note I was fortunate enough to observe a team from Hull University carrying out an electro fishing survey on one of our Feeder streams yesterday on behalf of the Environment Agency . The survey was carried out on three 50 metre lengths on the stream and the results were extremely encouraging with a total of 70 fish in one 50m section , predominately 0+ to 3+ age group showing very good recruitment in this small beck . Two further becks are to be surveyed and we shall recieve a copy of the results once completed , as you can see the fish were all in good condition .

02nd October 2012

Once again as a result of another lift during the night the level remains high and the colour is poor .

01st October 2012

Following a day of rain yesterday that lifted the level once again , the river is currently falling slowly .

28th September 2012

Friday morning and almost back to normal level the colour is good .

27th September 2012

The river continues to fall slowly following this weeks deluge , currently although the level is above normal the colour is good considering and is to my mind fishable however I would favour the czech nymph approach , although as conditions improve other methods may prove more effective as always it  pays to remain flexible , positive and adaptable .

26th September 2012

Wednesday morning and the river is still big !! but thankfully signs are that it is receding after peaking during the night , the colour is still very poor as you would expect . The outlook is for some dry spells up to the weekend allowing the river to settle down hopefully .

25th September 2012

Big river !!!! You hardly need be surprised considering its not stopped raining since yesterdays pictures , and another wet day ahead and an amber flood warning is in place in this area !!

The two pictures below show the river at the priory bridge later on at midday .

24th September 2012

Monday morning and the level is presently still ok as at 0830 am  ,  however  the EA graph shows the river is rising slowly !!!