31st July 2013

Wednesday morning and the level has dropped an inch or so and the colour remains good .

30th July 2013

Amazingly despite yesterday`s heavy thunderstorms the river is in a fishable state , however with heavy showers forecast again for today conditions remain unpredictable .

29th July 2013

Monday morning and following a Large lift of water yesterday ,  the river has steadily dropped overnight and the colour has improved , however the risk of heavy showers today may well reverse this picture .

25th July 2013

Thursday morning and the river has settled following yesterdays lift of water .

24th July 2013

Wednesday morning and the river has lifted overnight approx. 12`` currently level with the stepping stones and falling . A welcome change following the long dry spell we`ve experienced this month .

Big Fish !!!! 12th July 2013

At 1600 hrs today I received a call from the Estate office that a Mr Dale was at reception with a Fish he`d caught at 1500 hrs today , we weighed the fish at between 5.5 - 6lb .
A hard day in the melting sun rewarded by a memorable fish following an epic struggle to the net , I know of two locations that big fish have been seen or lost and this fish wasn`t caught near either of those locations !

12th July 2013

A brighter start to what is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far in North Yorkshire , not ideal daytime conditions ,  however the evenings have proved extremely rewarding with spectacular spinner falls and Blue winged olives hatching and Sedges providing plenty of interest coinciding with the falling light , especially around 21.30 hrs

11th July 2013

Grey start to the day , but set to brighten up later , level remains good .

09th July 2013

Tuesday morning 0800 hrs and another hot sunny day is just beginning ,  sharp contrast to this time last year , no excuses except , too bright , too warm , too low blah blah  blah .

05th July 2013

Friday morning and the river level remains unchanged .

04th July 2013

The river has fallen overnight following yesterdays small lift that took us all by surprise .

Small lift !!! at midday

As you can see last nights rain eventually brought about a 10 inch lift , which happened around midday ,  the picture above as taken at 1600 hrs today and steady plus the colour has remained good , should be back to normal tomorrow morning .

03rd July 2013

Despite heavy showers yesterday , the river remains unchanged .

Two great images of a well marked Trout sent to me by Kris Mukerji .

01st July 2013

An odd shower over the weekend although not enough to change the picture above , and the river remains settled and at summer level .