31st October 2013

Good river this morning and running very clear .

30th October 2013

Falling river again and the colour is very clear .

28th October 2013

The river is settling following another lift last night a lot of rain around this morning so warning it could lift again . Otherwise feeling very mild and despite the height the colour is good .

27th October 2013

Bright and breezy start ,  the river is still falling slowly and the colour is very good however the forecast for later is not good and tomorrow looks very wet !

26th October 2013

Another lift of water last night and that`s now running off slowly and the colour is improving .

25th October 2013

Wet start , however the river is looking good and the colour is excellent . Wednesdays large spate has cleaned up the riverbed which is adding to the clarity even at this early hour . I don`t expect this level to last though given the rainfall at present unfortunately .

24th October 2013

Thursday morning and a misty start , the river is still high following a big lift yesterday .

22nd October 2013

River is high and rising !!

21 st October 2013

Monday morning and little change with a wet week ahead I expect the picture will change ,  currently the colour is reasonable and worth bugging !

19th October 2013

The river has dropped a little more and looks good .

18th October 2013

Good river this morning , still falling and the colour is good .

17th October 2013

River is up once more following yesterdays rainfall and is now falling .

16th October 2013

The river is in much better shape this morning and the colour is much improved , however this maybe short lived as rain is forecast later today .

15th October 2013

The river lifted last night and is falling slowly although at the moment the colour is poor , this is unfortunate as the wind that has plagued us these last few days has dropped and it feels a lot milder . Hopefully 24 hrs should hopefully see the river in shape again .

Thanks go to Nigel Dietch who sent this picture of a Grayling caught on Sunday under difficult conditions ,  on a Pheasant tail nymph at Sandholme .

12th October 2013

Unsettled windy day again river remains settled though .

11th October 2013

Breezy start once again with light drizzle .

10th October 2013

Windy day and a settled river .

09th October 2013

Brighter start and still feeling mild although set to get colder from today .

08th October 2013

Tuesday morning and the river is slightly up on yesterday otherwise still mild and overcast .

07th October 2013

Mild cloudy start , and the river is normal .

06th October 2013

Brighter picture this morning and all is settled again .

05th October 2013

Better picture this morning and given a dry day today this should put things right again , for Sunday .

04th October 2013

No surprises following yesterdays heavy rain , although it has peaked during the night and is falling and the colour is reasonable considering , more rain in the forecast today , otherwise looking settled into the weekend .

03rd October 2013

Thursday morning and the river has risen 5 inches overnight however the colour is good , although with torrential rain forecast to arrive later I expect tomorrow`s picture won`t be as good .

02nd October 2013

A wet start to this morning and with heavy rain forecast tomorrow  I expect this picture will change on Friday possibly tomorrow if the current rainfall increases .

01st October 2013

01st October and the river remains unchanged , and attention will now switch to Grayling as the Trout season comes to an end for 2013 any caught in the pursuit of Grayling need to be carefully returned unharmed .