24th April 2012

The river as at 0800 hrs this morning and river has fallen a few inches over the last 24 hrs .

A cold day yesterday and no sign of any anglers ! Did see a few fish moving to olives , Plenty of Swallows low flying the pools and the odd Sand Martin .

23rd April 2012

Monday morning following a weekend dominated by heavy showers the river remains largely unaffected .

20th April 2012

Friday morning and following 24hrs of reduced rainfall the river is settling down and colour has improved , with rain forecast again for today things remain changeable .

19th April 2012

As a result of yesterdays prolonged and heavy rain predictably the river has risen , with heavy rain forecast today tomorrow's pictures could well be the same or worse .

18th April 2012

River as at 0800 hrs this morning . Yesterday the river lifted very quickly around 1500 hrs , it has improved greatly overnight and with heavy showers on the cards today I expect this picture will change later today .

First swallows of the season observed at Beamsley .

12th APRIL 2012

Thursday morning and river has settled after Tuesdays lift .

Tuesday 10th April 2012

Tuesday morning and following yesterdays rain , the river is up by around 12" the colour is fair at present and fishable with fly , although given more heavy rain this could easily change .
The forecast for the week is poor so this may be the best picture this week .
The season so far has been dominated by dry weather and low water , fish have been feeding increasingly in line with increasing fly activity and fish returns have reflected this .
I would add that I have not introduced any fish this season to date , contrary to anything you may have read elsewhere , a controversial subject and as individuals we will all have are own thoughts on the subject .

5th April 2012

24 hrs and a new day ! Clear skies and the strong gusting north easterly wind has dropped and a fine day is due , river level remains normal . We may see a shift due to snow melt from the hills but I don`t envisage any significant movement .

04th April 2012

Wednesday morning and as you can see snow has fallen overnight settling on the high ground accompanied by a very strong north easterly wind sending temperatures plummeting .

03rd April 2012

Tuesday has started dull and overcast currently light rain and the risk of snow later ! Yesterday proved testing with fish still slow to feed and those that do are often short lived responding to a brief sporadic hatch .

02nd April 2012

Monday morning river level remains unchanged , very overcast with temperatures set to fall and snow forecast for Tuesday !