Wednesday 31st March 2010

Yesterdays rainfall prevented the river from settling back and as you can see some of that rain fell as snow on the high ground ! Current levels are as shown which is little change on yesterday .
Currently dry with light wind and an air temp of +1 as at 0800 hrs .

Tuesday 30th March 2010

As at 0800 hrs the 30th March the river is up as predicted due to the rain we received yesterday , at present the river has peaked and is beginning to fall back .

However with the forecast for more rain , tomorrows picture is looking similar , water clarity today is reasonable and does offer the chance of a fish with weighted flies being an advised choice as levels continue to drop then opportunities will improve .

The cold wind that hampered efforts yesterday seems to have relented , currently light drizzle , but a decidedly more comfortable feel to the day at present compared to yesterday .

Monday 29th March 2010

Conditions of the river as at 0800 hrs 29th March , perfectly suited for all tactics . After the unsettled state the past few days its good to see the river back to normal . However rain is due in from the South later on and warns to be heavy so outlook for the week looks in the balance !
That aside today`s conditions are ideal at this time .

27 th March 2010 0900 hrs

The river is falling slowly and is reasonably clear after being in spate yesterday , for those desperate to wet a line , the current conditions offer the chance to catch your first fish of the new season . Weighted nymphs fished close to the bottom ideally suited to the present conditions , however as the river improves opportunities to employ other tactics may arise .

The sun is shining and there is a light upstream breeze .

First fish of the day !!!! New Zealand 2010

My first day in NZ and first fish caught on the South Branch of the Hurunui river .

New Zealand River Crossing Part 1

New Zealand River Crossing Part 2

26 th March 2010

As at 0830 26th March river conditions are as shown high and coloured and falling slowly ! Strong upstream breeze .

0900 am 25th March 2010 OPENING DAY

This is it !!! and the good news is that as at this time the river is at the level shown just above the stepping stones and falling , heavy rain overnight has at this time had no effect and the water clarity is good .
No wind at present and the temp a comfortable 8 degrees , so conditions favourable for those lucky enough to have the day free after the long cold winter . A time to try out that new rod or waders ! and seek that first Brown of the new season . All fish have overwintered in the river as no fish have been introduced to date , this is a management strategy to ascertain how stocks hold up over the difficult winter months .
A reminder that I will be at Barden to chat to those who wish and I happy to hold a casting clinic for those who may want to learn or understand the cast , or any other technical problem you maybe struggling with .
The tug is the drug !!
Mark Whitehead


The waiting is over and tommorow the 25th March sees the 2010 seaon open at Bolton Abbey for Season ticket holders , Day tickets on sale as of the 01st April .
I hope to continue this blog as a way of keeping you informed as to conditions and to reports as to how the river is fishing etc .
Currently the river is falling slowly after a small lift and is suitable for nymphing and bugging at present and there is a spring like feel to the day ,with the first sign of new growth very welcome .
Had a busy few weeks Heather burning with the moorland keepers so have had little time on the river , however last few days I have had the opportunity to have a good look around .
Have seen very few fish moving , there has been a trickle of Large Dark Olive`s however not concentrated enough to cause a stir as yet !
I hope to update the blog in the morning as to conditions on the day , I hope all is well and look forward to meeting you on the river .
I will be at Barden in the afternoon from 13.00 if you want to chat , I am also willing to give a casting clinic to anyone interested in ironing out any creases or wanting to improve/learn new casts or answer any questions you may have .
Screaming reels to you all !!!!
Mark Whitehead