30th September 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy The Fonz with a nice fish caught yesterday on the river whilst being guided by Stephen Cheetham , Happy Days !!

Last day today of the Trout season 2013 and the river remains unchanged ending what has been an excellent month .

26th September 2013

Settled river conditions continue .

25th September 2013

Foggy morning however the river remains unchanged .

24th September 2013

The river remains unchanged and continues to fish well .

23rd September 2013

Monday morning and all is good following a dry settled weekend .

20th September 2013

Good start to the day and a settled day on offer , picture below shows a 3lb fish returned to the water on Wednesday this week by Alan Porter .

19th September 2013

The river is settled and in good order , currently light rain and very light breeze , and an encouraging number of fish foraging already .

18th September 2013

Wednesday morning and an improved picture , height and colour both good .

17th September 2013

The level hasn't changed due to another small lift last night , however the colour is improved despite the current height .

16th September 2013

Monday morning and the river is falling following a lift last night , the colour is currently poor still . Breezy and more rain showers are forecast for today , definitely a changeable start to the week .

15th September 2013

Sunday morning and its not raining yet !!

14th September 2013

Saturday morning and a good day in prospect as the river remains good approaching storm tomorrow is set to bring heavy rain and strong winds , which does not bode well for the start of next week .

13th September 2013

River remains settled and fished very well yesterday to dry fly , deer hair sedge and NZ Bluebottle !!! .

12th September 2013

River as at 0800 hrs this morning .

11th September 2013

River remains settled and fished very well yesterday despite the northerly wind .

10th September 2013

09th September 2013

Following a lift of water on Saturday following the wet Friday the river has dropped and is in good order once again .

06th September 2013

Wet start to Friday only light rain at the moment as at 0800 hrs but the forecast is for heavy rain today .

05th September 2013

Good picture this morning and a fine day in prospect ,  however tomorrow is set to be very wet and a lot cooler .

03rd September 2013

Overcast and noticeably still following the breezy last few days . River remains good .

02nd September 2013

A gloomy start to the week ,  breezy but not as bad as yesterday . River remains unchanged .