31st May 2013

A blue morning and feeling much warmer , the wind what little there is , is as of 0800 hrs  spun from a northerly to a westerly one . 

30th May 2013

Thursday morning and the river remains good despite heavy rain in falling overnight in the region . A cloudy start with a stiff breeze gusting at times and the risk of showers later , however it feels slightly warmer than yesterday .

29th May 2013

The river is slightly up , following a small rise yesterday afternoon . The colour is good .

28th May 2013

Tuesday morning overcast and light drizzle as at 0830 hrs ,  Level and colour is good .

26th May 2013

Sunday morning and another warm and sunny start .

25th May 2013

Saturday morning and the picture says it all , blue skies and settled conditions .

24th May 2013

Friday morning and the river remains settled and unaffected by yesterdays showers .

23rd May 2013

A cold start with the threat of rain nearby and northerly winds forecast to increase later . The level however is normal and running very clear ,
I watched a good number of Brook duns hatching at Kingfisher bend , interestingly the nymphs were migrating to the rivers edge prior to scrabbling up the cobbles and emerging at the surface , a good strategy and much safer than emerging in open water .

22nd May 2013

Wednesday morning and the level and colour is good

Two pictures of an exceptional fish caught over the weekend by Kris Mukerji  one of our season rods .

20th May 2013

Monday morning and all is good ,  overcast and feeling much warmer than late .

19th May 2013

Sunday morning and the river is falling following a lift yesterday ,  the colour is currently poor .

17th May 2013

Friday morning and the river is looking good following an unsettled few days , the colour is very good . Yesterday saw good hatches of olive uprights , which provoked surface feeding from a good number of fish especially at cats crags pool .

16th May 2013

The level has dropped back overnight after a messy lift of water which peaked Yesterday afternoon , the colour is greatly improved , and should improve throughout the day . Not ideal but a good chance of a Fish .

15th May 2013

Tuesday morning and the river is rising following last nights heavy rain and the colour is bad as a consequence .

14th May 2013

Tuesday morning and a brighter start , despite yesterday`s showers the level has dropped a little however the colour is good to go .

13th May 2013

Monday morning and it`s a  cold breezy start with showers !!! River is falling slowly colour is dark tea .

11th May 2013

Saturday morning and the level is improved as is the colour , good enough to fish the fly ,  will benefit for a day without rain although I`m not sure we will get it though looking at the forecast .

10th April 2013

This morning`s river following yesterdays rain , signs are that it peaked during the night and has fallen appoximately 6", however the colour is very poor so not good . I will update this later

01st May 2013

Monday morning and a bright sunny start and the river is in good order .