30th JULY 2010

No change on yesterdays levels as you can see , showers forecast for later on today , wind currently light westerly and overcast .

29th July 2010

As you can see little change on yesterdays levels , skies are overcast at present and winds are light westerly (upstream ) .

28th JULY 2010

Levels remain the same , however we have received some heavy showers already today and heavier rain due Thursday so its possible conditions may change .

27th JULY 2010

Technical problems overcome and pictures uploaded are as of 0800 hrs this morning , levels are good , few showers forecast for later , with light westerly winds .

26th July 2010

Technical problems have prevented me from uploading pictures this morning , however river conditions are good .

23rd JULY 2010

0800 hrs this morning and as you can see conditions are good , risk of an odd shower today otherwise no excuses !!

22nd July 2010

As you can see 24 hrs later and the levels have subsided after the spate of yesterday !! Heavy showers have been forecast for today but as at 0830 hrs conditions are good .
The picture of the trout pictured on the bank was coughed up by a cormorant in its struggle to get airbourne after I rudely disturbed its morning raid !!!

21st JULY 2010

The heavy rain forecast yesterday arrived late afternoon , and the results are as shown above as at 0800 this morning .
The sand mark shows levels are falling , however I expect conditions to be out of sorts for at least 24 hrs , visibility is poor although I have caught in worse , seek the margins off current to find fish very close in off the main flows !! and backwaters were fish will find respite from the current and debris .

20th JULY 2010

Heavy rain last night has pushed the river up once more , to a level higher than yesterday , as you can see its falling steadily , however heavy rain is forecast for later on today so I expect a worsening picture tomorrow morning !
I expect tomorrows pictures to be interesting !

19th JULY 2010 MONDAY

As you can see finally after the longest period of low water I`ve experienced in my ten years as River keeper , I woke to find the river in the condition pictured above !! As you can see as at 08.30 hrs this morning the river is falling steadily , as shown by the watermark on the sand .

Visibility is fairly poor at present increasing the chances of your fly going unnoticed , but will improve as levels subside providing some excellent opportunities for those anglers able to take advantage of them .

The picture above shows a young Roe buck attempting a river crossing on Friday afternoon ! upstream of Kingfisher Bend , until my unexpected arrival caused him to retreat to nearby woodland , this is not uncommon and I have seen them often swimming with only their heads above water

Finally a picture highlighting the floral display at Kingfisher bend inside the fenced off area , which improves annually , difficult to remember this was once a closely sheep cropped billiard table , and which now provides a vitally important and visual buffer zone .