31st March 2015

Big dirty river this morning ,   the signs are it is falling although the  weather remains a mixture of cold strong winds and heavy showers so not a promising picture for tomorrow .

30th March 2015

The level has fallen overnight and the colour is good , 

29th March 2015

Sunday morning and the river is up and coloured following the rain yesterday , currently falling slowly however I expect this will reverse given that more rain is expected today .

28th March 2015

The picture shows the river has dropped however it does not show the windy wet weather this morning .

27th March 2015

The river level has risen last night however the colour is unaffected and the forecast is bright and sunny .

26th March 2015

River level remains settled this morning ,  an overcast start with snow showers early on .
Yesterday saw a good number of  anglers on the river  , No reports of any fish mid morning , however after lunch the seasons first fish had been netted. One angler had eight fish all taken on a dry snowshoe olive cast at rising fish .

The fish below weighed in at 3lb 2oz and fell to a pheasant tail nymph .

Another picture of a finely marked over wintered trout that fell to a waterhen bloa .

All fish have overwintered and introductions of locally sourced brood stock will begin when food sources become more abundant .

25th March 2015 Opening Day

A bright sunny day with light winds are set for opening day . The level is good and running clear .
Yesterday I searched the river for signs of activity and at 1405 hrs I spotted movement on a sheltered pool , closer inspection saw a good number of fish intercepting a continuous trickle of olives struggling to get airborne and being confidently taken by greedy fish . I also spotted a March Brown emerge among the olives  and one fish clumsily missed this large fly which drifted through the pool unscathed .

24th March 2015 One Day to go !!!!

For those of you not aware the Trout season starts tomorrow on the Wharfe for season ticket holders ,  day tickets available from the 01st April . Season tickets are available now please contact the Estate Office 01756 718000 for information .
The pictures below show the river this morning so the stage is set . Large dark olives have been trickling off the water on most days and a few fish have been tempted to move , early season can prove challenging however the rewards of that first fish is a memorable one I always relish .