15th August 2011

Monday morning and the river is in superb condition , last weeks large lift has subsided and has cleaned up the river a treat .

13th August 2011

Level has dropped as you can see and importantly the colour is good .

Glorious 12th

24 hrs later and level is dropping and importantly colour is improving another day without rain , and conditions will be ideal .

11th August 2011

As I expected a very different picture from yesterdays . The river has doubled in size overnight and its still raining !!

10th August 2011

Wednesday morning and the river remains unchanged , however heavy rain is on the cards and tomorrow's picture is far from certain as the next few days look unsettled .

08th August 2011

River level is back to normal following a lift yesterday , much needed at this time of year helping to liven things up a bit .

05th August 2011

River remains low , with no change since the last update despite the heavy showers yesterday .