30th May 2014

The river as at 0800 hrs this morning and the level is normal , a cloudy dry day is forecast  for today .              

29th May 2014

Thursday morning and the river has escaped the heavy showers and remains settled .

28th May 2014

Grey damp start however the river remains settled  , I will update if this changes due to the heavy rain that fell overnight .

27th May 2014

The river is back to normal following an unsettled weekend . 

25th May 2014

The river is falling once more after peaking again during the night . The colour is currently poor .

24th May 2014

The river is falling after peaking during the night ,the level is above normal however the colour is good enough for the fly .

23rd May 2014

Grey blustery start and raining lightly , the river has risen 2 " overnight although the colour remains good . If this situation changes which is a possibility then I will update later on .

22nd May 2014

A grey wet start and heavy rainfall is forecast today , I will update later if the river lifts during the day .

21st May 2014

A bright warm start and the  river remains unchanged and continues to provide good fishing .

20th May 2014

A grey start and the promise of heavy showers later .

19th May 2014

A picture of the river this morning ,  and a couple of fish caught recently both returned unharmed . Thanks to Malcolm Hunter and Craig Gannon for the pictures .

16th May 2014

Warm sunny start and temperatures are set to rise !

15th May 2014

The stones are visible once again , and plenty of fish rising this morning !

14th May 2014

Bright start to Wednesday , the level continues to drop slowly and is good order , prospects are good .

13th May 2014

The level has changed little since yesterday , however the colour has improved . The river fished well yesterday with plenty of opportunities to deploy a dry fly . Black gnats remain a dominate menu item .

12th May 2014

I have repeated the views so you can see how the river has dropped overnight . Colour is much improved and good enough for the fly .

11th May 2014

Sunday morning and unsurprisingly following heavy rain yesterday the river remains high , although as you can see its falling slowly . The bad news is that more rain is forecast today .

10th May 2014

This mornings picture is simalar to yesterdays ,  however the river rose significantly yesterday and peaked late last night . Very breezy start and the risk of heavy showers later .

09th May 2014

The river remains unsettled as does the weather ,  the river shows signs of having fallen slghtly however this could change due to the rainfall last night . Currently the colour remains poor to medium

08th May 2014

Following rain last night the river is up and coloured ,  it has currently peaked ,  however with more rain forecast today  the outlook is poor . I will update later .

04th May 2014

Tuesday morning and the sun breaks out on the abbey ,  river remains settled despite rain overnight ..

01st MAY 2014

May has started grey and overcast with light drizzle .