31st March 2014

" A Trout is a thing of beauty known only to those who seek it " - Arnold Gingrich

30th March 2014

Good river this morning .

29th March 2014

Saturday morning and the river is still falling following yesterdays spate , currently the colour is good enough for the fly , another dry day and Sunday should see the river back to normal .

28th March 2014

As a result of heavy showers yesterday the river is up and very coloured and no signs of it falling at the moment .
Despite brisk easterly winds yesterday midday saw trickle hatches of olives and the odd march brown being greedily intercepted during often frenzied but short lived surface activity .
With more showers forecast tomorrows outlook is doubtful however I will monitor the level throughout the day .

27th March 2014

The river has dropped a few inches overnight and running clear . Bright start but risk of showers later and a brisk chilly easterly wind which caused problems yesterday .

26th March 2014

A cold bright start with the risk of showers to come later today . The level is up very slightly and looking good .
Yesterday fished well , with all the anglers I met returning fish ranging from Ten to Five in numbers . I witnessed trickle hatches of Olives being eagerly intercepted although short lived it was good  to see the fish on the top . Most of those anglers I saw had caught on spiders .

25th March 2014 Opening Day !

Following a wet cold winter , spring has sprung and the new season starts today for members , day tickets will be available as of the 01st April .
The pictures show the river as at 0800 hrs this morning , light drizzle , overcast and light wind and feeling very mild a sharp contrast to opening day last year .
A reminder that season rods are currently available if you are interested then please contact me through the Estate office at Bolton Abbey 01756 710227 .
Hope you all have a great season and I look forward to seeing you all this year .

Mark Whitehead