20th October 2010

No change on yesterday , crisp morning with clear skies . Couple of pictures taken yesterday of Grayling caught in Strid Wood yesterday , persistent targeting eventually producing three fish to hand . The size 12 dark tan Kinkhammer special clearly visible .

19th October 2010

Tuesday morning and as you can see from the pictures taken at 0800 hrs , river level remains normal .

18th October 2010

Sorry no pictures today however level remains good and settled .

14th October 2010

Thursday morning and conditions are still settled , much more overcast and looks to stay that way . Pictures show two Grayling I caught yesterday both just short of 12" , both caught on a size 18 olive paradun , however in order to locate the grayling I employed a size 12 Kinkhammer Special to force a reaction , once this tactic brought an interest then I switched down to a small pattern and covered the reaction area , after a few missed rises , dogged covering of the area resulted in these two fickle ladies .

13th October 2010

Wednesday morning and settled conditions prevail , good level and colour .

12th October 2010

Level remains good and very clear , overcast with little wind at present .

11th October 2010

Monday morning and river level remains good .

07th October 2010

River condition is good , misty start disappearing fast leaving clear skies and sunshine .

06th October 2010

Conditions are good this morning , and as you can see visibility is very good .

05th October 2010

As a result of a good dry day yesterday the river has fallen to a good level and colour , still a little fining down to go , however conditions are presently good .

04th October 2010

No great surprise following the heavy rain that fell for most of Sunday , that the river is high and coloured , however it has fallen considerably overnight and with a bright day in prospect , tomorrow should be OK .

02nd October 2010

24 hrs later and a different picture to yesterday , it has peaked in the early hrs and has been a good foot higher than is being shown and falling steadily , hopefully Sunday`s pictures should see a marked improvement .

01st October 2010

River level is normal and looking good after Thursdays spate , expecting heavy rain today so tomorrows pictures may look different !