22nd April 2013

Monday morning and yesterdays showers have had  no noticeable effect and the level is good and running very clear .

20th April 2012

Bright sunny start following a frosty night and the level and colour is good .

19th April 2013

Friday morning 0800 am and a damp start with heavy showers , the the river is up a foot following a lift yesterday morning following my post . The height at present is not bad however the colour is still poor . Still mild and the wind has all but vanished for the moment . Will update mid morning as to the situation and whether these heavy showers impact on current level.

A couple of pictures of the river as at 11.00 am not much movement either way at present , colour is still poor but slightly improved , will update later . Its currently drying up with extended periods of sunshine .
Picture below shows an ivy clad tree fallen downstream of the Priory footbridge .

18th April 2013

Thursday morning following a windy night and the river remains settled , still breezy and the risk of showers today .

17th April 2013

A grey damp start , much less windy than yesterday and still mild , and directly below me 7 or 8 Grayling are commencing there annual courting ritual prior to spawning .

Cock and hen Grayling lie together in the centre of the gravel whilst another lies at the top right of the picture .

16th April 2013

Bright sunny morning , although very breezy its feeling very mild . The level has dropped and the colour is good . Sandmartins have arrived and its starting to feel spring like all of a sudden .

15th April 2013

Monday morning and the river is falling after heavy showers yesterday , the colour is poor at present , however this should improve throughout the day . Strong westerly wind but feeling alot milder than late .

02nd April 2013

Tuesday morning and a bright start , still feeling very cold , very few anglers out over the weekend unsurprisingly given the cold weather .