The waiting is over and tommorow the 25th March sees the 2010 seaon open at Bolton Abbey for Season ticket holders , Day tickets on sale as of the 01st April .
I hope to continue this blog as a way of keeping you informed as to conditions and to reports as to how the river is fishing etc .
Currently the river is falling slowly after a small lift and is suitable for nymphing and bugging at present and there is a spring like feel to the day ,with the first sign of new growth very welcome .
Had a busy few weeks Heather burning with the moorland keepers so have had little time on the river , however last few days I have had the opportunity to have a good look around .
Have seen very few fish moving , there has been a trickle of Large Dark Olive`s however not concentrated enough to cause a stir as yet !
I hope to update the blog in the morning as to conditions on the day , I hope all is well and look forward to meeting you on the river .
I will be at Barden in the afternoon from 13.00 if you want to chat , I am also willing to give a casting clinic to anyone interested in ironing out any creases or wanting to improve/learn new casts or answer any questions you may have .
Screaming reels to you all !!!!
Mark Whitehead