Lucky Toad 13th April 2010

These pictures show a common Toad released to freedom after being found in a yellow bucket discarded far from anywhere suitable and condemned to a lingering torment unless found !! I am constantly dumbfounded by the attitude of anyone who could leave this amphibean contained in a bucket with no chance of escape to its fate !! Fortunately I was able to return Toad to its rightful place ! as shown . We should remember we are the guardians and protectors of the world we connect with as fly fishers and are aim is to educate the unlightened to the need to protect and conserve ! This Toad would have perished without the support and payment of anglers as I would not exist in my capacity as caretaker of an overlooked environment !

Lulled this weekend into believing Spring had arrived !! a cold front arrived today to keep us real , a bitterly biting wind this morning making fishing uncomfortable at best , my good friend and colleague Jim Curry arrived fresh from Caer Beris in Wales after a busy weekend assessing potential new instructors into the highly acclaimed AAPGAI ( Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors ) fold of highly skilled dedicated and experienced fly fishing instructors to whom I am privileged to be part of . Jim`s client for the day was a David Leatham a good angler but keen to learn nymphing techniques . Constantly reassured that persistance would be rewarded David was encouraged as we willed him on !! David fished well in difficult conditions and showed true angling grit . Deservedly morning gave way to afternoon and the unpredictable Olive hatch stirred fish to feed and David had good sport , instilled with confidence and technical confidence David went on alone to land a good overwintered fish as seen from what had earlier in the day proved a fishless pool !!