12th May 2011

Thursday morning and an unsettled day ahead weatherwise with gusting wind and showers , with the sun pushing through at times . River level remains unaffected by the showers over the past few days .

I expect the grey and windy start and the rain resulted in few anglers out this morning , so I put up my rod and decided to look at a pool that had recieved some attention yesterday . Much of a challenge really , anyhow after renewing my tippet whilst keeping low and one eye on my chosen area I dressed my Klinkhamer`s wing post with Dilly wax and placed it up the rod on a rod ring and looped the butt around my reel and tentatively entered the water .

Two slow steps into the river and I reached for the fly and unlooped the leader butt , snaking the line onto the water with the rod tip a short cast of six foot another short cast allowed the Klink to sit upright . Another cast a little longer to a spot 10 ft upstream and the fly was taken confidently after a short drift , the reel screamed as 10ft bacame 30 ft as the fish tore upstream before I managed to turn him , pleased he was on fresh tippet .

After what seemed an age I was able to slide him to hand .

A stunning brown !! with no more than a few short casts and a slow stealthy approach , after taking a few hurried pics , I watched him swim powerfully away still marvelling at his beauty as I smoked a celebratary cigarette , before tackling down .