15th November 2009

After a day chasing Grouse it was good to tackle up with Jim and Tom and head down to the river for a few hours prior to them leaving south .
Mainly using Jim`s outfit consisting of his 10' #2 and his slinky leader we took turns at nymphing likely holding spots . Check out his blog for more pics !

We caught Grayling thanks to Jims leader which performed amazingly due to its high visability and ease of use .
2 weeks to go and good to see Tom before I go , gonna miss him big time .

To a special lady thank you for your words the other day!
I do hope you find the time to take that walk !

Tom I Love you as a father will , stay safe .
To Jim Williams thanks for taking the time out to see me before my departure , and my apologies for making you eat dry toast !!

Please check out Jim`s blog as he`s much more technically brained than I ! and this is reflected in his coverage of the outing .