Grayling 12th November

Met up with Jim Curry again today , he`d been on this morning with a client . Following a cup of tea at lunchtime , we decided to have a go at a few fish showing at the stepping stones .
We had an hour before Jim had to disappear , anyways Jim geared up with a Klinkhammer on point and I grabbed the camera .
Surface food was very scarce and little wind to supply any extras so rises where infrequent however we soon located three fish moving and one seemed decent .
Jim entered the water and covered the fish carefully avoiding any drag and with gentle presentation , key to not putting them down .
A few passes with the Klink and it was time to step it down , so 0n went a size 18 Griffiths and it was greeted with an immediate nod of approval , however the fish was missed !
Jim offered the Griffiths a few more times , however the fish showed interest but failed to take and sank down .
A change of fly was needed so a size 20 spent midge with a bit of sparkle in the wing was tied on unhurriedly to allow the fish to relax .
The following resulted

After release and seeing her swim off powerfully , we left the river as the threatened rain clouds gathered from the west , as I write the rain is falling heavily and my guess is the River could be trashed for the weekend as the forecast is not good !

I will update first thing in the morning .


A upane kaupane whiti te ra ! ( into the sun that shines )