First Days NZ

Recovering the morning after outside the hut with black coffee and paracetamol . Have you seen the view ??? Lake Mason a place I will never forget my first taste of backcountry fishing NZ style Deano is a great guy , if a rubbish pig hunter , came on a herd of wild pigs in full flight !!out came the rifle and hunt on ,

pigs escaped unscathed much to Deans frustration !!!

My first night in a back country hut , met these two great guys cooked us a first class meal , with great wine , as one owned his own vineyard , the hut was in a stunning location .

Fish safely returned calm by beating heart !!

Fish in the net !!!

Little over a week here on the ground and have not stopped , been out in the backwoods most of the time so have pulled out to resupply and do communication !!!

Have got some great video but seems to take an age to upload so will settle for pics thus far , all I can say is its awesome truly , weather been poor so far which has made spotting fish difficult but well worth it when you do !!!!!!!!!! not for the faint hearted .

First fish on the Hurunui with Deano

Not sure this is the correct video Deano took a few and Hope i`ve chosen the correct one , if not will sort later , but he took some great stuff .

Any how after returning to Christchurch and a night at Deano `s with Bec`s and Emma , I set off back to the Hurunui on my own and spent two days there , one fish the first day , and landed two lost two the next day !! soooooooooooo strong !!! Reluctantly I headed off through the Lewis pass heading for the Grey?Robinson Rivers close to Springs Junction home of Trophies !! Weather not good overcast and rain making spotting trickier than it is anyhow . you only have to look at these fellas the wrong way and your sussed !!!

All in all my first week has fulfilled my wildest dreams so far , I am spoiled for choice as to where to go next currently in an old gold mining town Reefton ,drinking coffee and buying a net with scales , its tough landing these beasts without one and I don`t like beaching them , plus opportunities can be limited , hence the losses and my gammy leg doesn`t help !!! Plus I need to know how big they are , I am thinking 5ib + however think I`m wrong !!

Enjoying the camping in spectacular country and met some great people so far , really friendly and helpful no negatives at all .

Lasrry`s creek is near by and will give it a look later , the video is taking an age and I am itchy to get goiing as the sun is shining hotly for the first time since my arrival .

Will post more soon but will leave it for a rainy day , thank you for following me .

Mark Whitehead adventures down under .