NZ Xmas in HariHari West Coast

The La Fontaine , Harihari

La Fontaine 4 lb

8 lb brute took a mouse pattern !! Thomas the Dane

Oreti River

Hello , well after my trip up the Clinton I headed up the Oreti River and base camped at the Mavora lakes . Tried to fish the Oreti however my foot was starting to hurt badly making mobility very difficult !! That evening still in pain I hobbled to the banks of South Mavora lake and bolted a mouse pattern on to a stiffish leader and waited till dark !! Then taking great care not to lose an eye I cast Mickey out into the darkness , the idea being that large trout cruise the margins eating mice that are looking to cross the lake not wise !!
I was fishing near to a dane who was also trying his luck ! It was cold and very dark , however the stars were amazing as were the loud glooping noises indicating a mouse going to meet his maker !! I felt as if the rod was being wrenched from me only to be given back , the fish or thing had missed the hook !! Thomas the dane was encouraged his next cast resulted in the 8 lb beauty shown above . We fished on for an hour and I felt it increasingly harder to stand and increasingly harder to get the short distance back to my Hammock due to the pain in my Toe , I knew something was up and I made the sad decision to get it checked out which meant leaving this place and heading to civilisation !!
A visit to the GP in Wanaka confirmed the toe was infected and prescribed antibiotics and rest as Xmas was looming I headed north to Harihari and the bech hut I`d stayed in on the way south .
After a day the drugs kicked in and the inflammation started to reduce thankfully .
As the La Fontaine is very near I gave it an afternoon , a small spring fed stream I managed to hook a 4 lb fish and land it not until I had to wade out to dislodge it from a reed bed !
Heavy rain that evening (downside of the west coast ) put the rivers up , so I checked out a few rivers nearby .
Next day went to look at the mouth of the Waita river were it enters the sea and found this amazing beach .
Stayed and watched the locals spinning for Kawwai ? 5lb Mackerel is the best I can describe , at serious risk to my six weight I bravely dodged the flying metal and cast hopefully into the incoming tide fruitlessly I may add , however my six weight is still intact and as a local took pity and handed me a bled fish I left to cook it up at the hut , instructions to cut out the red meat flour and fry in hot oil where followed and I had the best fish supper and equal to the best I`ve eaten !!
Next day saw me fishing the Whangunuitaeona !!! I think , anyhow saw plenty of Fish some very big , but lying in suicidal nymph territory , so I looked on in envy and respect , anyhow caught two fish 3lb and 2 1/2 Ib , which as the wind had started to blow trees over !!! making spotting and casting trickier then I was pleased . 20` leader and small beadhead needed this length of leader is the minimum I am finding to prevent spooking these fish , the plop of a heavy bead will also have them scurrying away you only get one shot normally screw it up and your history if you get a second shot change nymph if it sees the same unappealing offering twice your history !! What amazes me is some fish if suspicious will swim downstream to look at you then shoot off !!
Wind got too bad as it is today so will return as soon as the wind eases , however I am keen to kick south again towards Jackson bay south of Haast and try some rivers in this remote area .